DESCRIPTION : 大人気のHIROYA君がBodyBeatに登場してくれました!今回はピチピチのエロスリムスーツを着てもらっての撮影で、いつもより大人の雰囲気の彼をお楽しみいただけると思います。撮影が始まり、全身をねっとりと愛撫していくと早くも彼のあそこはパンパンになり、スーツがはち切れそう!後ろ手を固定をして、何も抵抗できなくなったところを、敏腕ゴーグルマンが地獄のデンマ責め!あまりの気持ち良さに声をあげて顔をゆがめまくるHIROYA君。ラストはグチョグチョいやらしい音を立てながら、一番敏感な亀頭を磨き責めて、大量のザーメンをぶっ放してFINISH!!The very popular HIROYA-kun has appeared on BodyBeat! This time、 he wore a tight、 erotic slim suit for the shoot、 so you can enjoy his more mature atmosphere. As we start filming and caressing him all over his body、 his hole is already so full that his suit looks like it’s about to be ripped off! When he can’t resist anything with his hands tied behind his back、 the talented goggle man gives him a hell of a electric massager assault! Hiroya’s face twists and turns as he screams from the sheer pleasure of it all. Hiroya’s face twists and turns as he screams and squeals with pleasure. At the end、 he polishes his sensitive glans while making squishy sounds and shoots his cum all over the place.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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