ACTRESS : 碓氷れん

DESCRIPTION : 「れん」は会社の重役。気に入らない部下を日々イビリ倒しストレスを発散する。その部下は偶然逢引きしている「れん」を目撃し、咄嗟に隠し撮りをした証拠写真を突き付け、それによって主従は逆転する。彼女はプライドをズタズタにされながら、性奴●として何度もアクメに達し人生の絶望を味わう。Ren” is an executive at a company. He is a company executive, and he teases his subordinate whom he doesn’t like on a daily basis to relieve his stress. The subordinate happens to see Ren in a meeting with her, and promptly confronts her with hidden photographic evidence, thereby turning the tables on her. Her pride is shredded, and she repeatedly climaxes as a sex slave, experiencing the despair of her life.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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